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While in BETA the stream may not always be available.




Now Playing: The Skulls - WSotM - SSA Brutal
Current Listeners: 3
Listener Peak: 51
Reported Listeners 3
Max Listeners: 288
Bitrate: 128

Windows Media Player users:

Click on the icon to open Windows Media Player which will auto start the live stream!




To open the Stream in your favorite media player click on its icon:


Note that if you assign, for example, WinAmp as your default Media Player & want to use Windows Media Player you will need to manually copy and paste the Windows Media Player link into the "Play/open URL" dialog as the computer will otherwise likely redirect the links to whatever media player is programmed to handle the content type when clicked above as many media players hi-jack extensions.

Want to listen from your browser w/ embedded Windows Media Player?

Click Here

We recommend WinAmp. WinAmp will also display the name of the current playing song. WinAmp is a great media player that uses little system resources yet sounds excellent.

For Linux users, some players will display current song such as SMPlayer.


Note: We have resolved the issue reported by people using Windows 7 with Windows Media Player 12 - not being able to open the stream by clicking the Windows Media link.  As of this report, all versions of Windows Media Player 9, 10, 11 and 12 are working well with the stream.  Thanks for the initial report about Windows 7 and WMP 12. Please feel free to continue to report any issues in the future.

Report Bugs to: bugs (at) live.nsm88records.com

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